The White Mandingos…


The White Mandingos, just thinking about the implications behind the band name you can’t help to feel yourself in an irony vault. Yes, that is the motivation here; The White Mandingos want to basically “flip your wig”! Darryl Jenifer of the iconic Bad Brains, journalist (& everything man) Sacha Jenkins, SHR and rapper Murs have united to crush any preconceived notions about music being made for one particular group over the other. The album takes us in to the life of Tyrone White (played by Murs) a walking contradiction, a young black kid from any hood, USA who lives bridging the gap between a hip-hip and punk-alternative world and says fuck it all…lamenting about music, “can it just be sound, can that be alright…you should listen with your heart, you shouldn’t listen with your eyes!” The album has a message for you, black or white…don’t be ignorant! I had a chance to speak with Sacha, SHR and Murs, unfortunately Darryl was not available for the convo.

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