Steady Fiending 2011 Wrap Up

Peace – Well this was SteadyFiending’s first year and it was a good one. Many positive people showed love and much love was given back – for your viewing pleasure here are a some of the stand out features for the year end wrap up – Steve Powers, Greg Lamarche, Todd James, Celph Titled, Hanni El Khatib, Heather Renee, Creature, Timber Timbre…don’t forget to dig into the archives for other features and hit the video feed vault for an all out array of music!!! Peace in 2012…


Steve Powers aka Espo

Todd James aka REAS

Greg Lamarche aka SPone

Celph Titled

Hanni El Khatib

Heather Renee


Timber Timbre

Whose Wall Is It Anyway???

The wall at the corner of Houston Street and the Bowery has been a hotbed for graffiti since the early 80’s – to the average street bomber it’s a sweet spot for a quick 15minutes of fame, adding his/her tag, throw up, block letters or whatever other form of graffiti chosen. For an artist who has bigger aspirations of adding to the wall, it could garner him/her recognition from a multitude of sources. But at the end of the day the wall is situated on the streets of New York City where basically it is open season all year around. I’m a little torn about the situation here; part of me understands the plight of an artist that creates a colorful, time consuming piece/mural to bring some kind balance to the hard, mechanic, droning life that New York can give. The other part of me feels that at the same time those same realties ignite a graff writer to lay his/her signature under the guise of the night. Check the following article for the debate…

War of the wall –

(Credit: Martha Cooper)

(Credit: Martha Cooper)