Keeping it Negroes On Ice…


When I called Prince Paul he was wrapping gifts and he hates it! If Paul was a rapper he says he’d hopefully make enough money to never have to wrap a gift again!!! “I’d hire someone to wrap them up for me. It would be like Kanye, I’m sure he doesn’t wrap any gifts.” Prince Paul (PP) and his son DJ P. Forreal (P) recently teamed up to release their first music project together, Negroes On Ice. In between wrapping gifts and prepping for the Knick-Lakers game I was able to have a quick little conversation with this new dynamic father & son duo about the album, about father and sons, about the end of the world, De La Soul and Breeze Brewin.

PSA: The following took place in real time and no strippers were punched in their gills during this interview. Continue reading