Beatz, Rhymez, Drugz…

Hip hop is still alive! Yeah, yeah we all know there is a lot of crap played on the radio today. However, who needs the radio? MC White Owl & FatCatHayze…MC White Owl & FatCatHayze…MC White Owl & FatCatHayze…If you are a fan of that real hip hop, you have to do the digging to find what you need. Straight out of the empire state, MC White Owl and producer FatCatHayze jump on the scene with their premiere EP Beatz, Rhymez, Drugz. The nine track EP is a composite of that authentic NYC boom-bap and lyrical assault which as a fan of hip-hop you will appreciate. Listeners will be enthralled by the straight no chaser production provided by the quite as kept funky technician, FatCatHayze. The beats bang with intricate layers of sounds that will definitely have you nodding your head. Coupled with the raspy, poignant delivery of MC White Owl; your ears will be bombarded with hip hop that will sooth your soul in this stagnant hip hop environment. MC White Owl takes you through different levels of psychotropic induced raps conjuring up memories of Cypress Hills’ faded glory day’s. Beatz, Rhymez, Drugz , is a solid premiere from the duo that you definitely want to keep in the repertoire! Yes sir, White Owl and Hayze have it wrapped up!!!

Peep the sampler below by DJ FredOnes and make sure you cop that EP and support that real hip hop!!!

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