Maleem Mahmoud…

The Trance Of Seven Colors…

“Mahmoud Ghania was born in the city of Essaouira in Morocco, on the Atlantic coast. He is the second son of the master of Gnawa music, Maâllem Boubker Guinia (who lived between 1927 and 2000) and the famous clairvoyant and “moqaddema” A’isha Qabral.

The album itself is an amazing journey through free jazz, fusion, tribal and trance Gnawa music. Take your time to enjoy an extraordinary and complex LP, with music that could best be described as ‘healing music’. The combination of different harmonies played on guembri (a traditional three stringed skin-covered bass plucked lute used by the Gnawa musicians) with Pharoah’s (sometimes) brutal and sublime interventions make this record a totally adventurous trip.

Not only is this going to boost your boring day, but you’ll be totally healed after a few auditions. It’s approved by the Maleem (i.e. master).” (Review from:

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