King RA & Bunty Beats – Back to the Essence


King RA & Bunty Beats waste no time in bringing you that official hip-hop with their release Back to the Essence! Don’t get it twisted it’s not, R.A. the Rugged Man which RA acknowledges with reverence. Here’s the deal, obviously nowadays there is a resurgence of that “golden era” hip-hop sound.

A lot of cats out here are doing so without really doing the knowledge. Most are intrigued by the drum of the beat, but most don’t achieve that lyrical delivery that can accentuate the beat. Enter King RA, a brother that definitely has done the knowledge both in utilizing the raw, melodious production by Bunty Beat and dropping darts strategically in his rhymes. BTE blesses your ears with 15 tracks of boom-bap and lyrics. If you’re looking for that total sound that represents true hip-hop Back to the Essence is a sure shot! Peep the video for “No Copy” below and bare witness.


Support the real and cop the album right >>> HERE

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