Rodrigo Y Gabriela…

Live at the Beacon Theatre, NYC…

I was able to catch the first performance of Rodrigo y Gabriela’s globe trekking tour last Friday at the sold-out, beautifully restored Beacon Theatre in New York City. Before they came out the anticipation could be felt buzzing around in the hall. Unfortunately but fortunately (and gratefully) it was my first time seeing them live. I have to first give credit to the music editors of the Breaking Bad series for using their track “Tamacun” in the shows pilot. Which I first heard while watching during a BB binge last year. But from that moment I was hooked. I looked for anything I could about them, videos, music, pictures…whatever. I wanted to know who was playing the guitar in a way that reached out at me. There is a force that is emitted from the sound of the acoustic guitar that captivates. Being able to create sound that rhythmically vibrates through your spirit is a talent that Rodrigo y Gabriela are seamlessly able to unravel. Their current tour is in support of their latest release “9 Dead Alive”. Nine tracks dedicated to 8 people who have made an impact in our society, 4 females chosen by Gabriela and 4 males chosen by Rodrigo. The 9th track is dedicated to animals and nature. It was truly inspiring to see them perform. If you have an opportunity do yourself a favor and catch them live and if you don’t make sure you look them up!!!

Gracias por la visita Rodrigo y Gabriela!!!

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