Full Melt…

“Few artists excel at both music and the visual arts. But even fewer succeed in combining the two cohesively. Following up his work producing for First Light, a project from Hieroglyphics crew members Pep Love and Opio, fellow Hiero Imperium artist Unjust releases Full Melt, his own instrumentalalbum and self-directed audiovisual project.

Unjust first became involved in the hip-hop world as a designer, and his artistic talents landed him design work with luminaries including J-DillaE-40RakimTech N9neIce Cube, and many others. Yet Unjust never saw any separation in the two worlds; he explains, “…whenever I heard a song as kid, I’d see colors and shapes, and vice versa with art, especially my grandma’s paintings and mom’s stained glass…I never thought of [Full Melt] as just an album, but an experience.”

Unjust spent five years collecting samples from 1970s and 1980s TV shows, cartoons, and commercials, and he spins the material into a whirling psychedelic display that transplants the viewer to another era. Sonically, Unjust melds the ebb and flow of J-Dilla with retro synths and samples that are purely his own.”

Download the album here

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