Black Lagoon Radio…

Creature-Black Lagoon Radio


Peep the latest mixtape featuring some of Creature’s latest and illest joint…


1. Deejay Irie – Introducing Black Lagoon Radio

2. Do It To Ya Self (prod. Fred ones)

3. 15 Cents (prod. El Pres Beats)

4. My Brudda Brudda ft. Sav Killz and Nutso (prod. Omega One)

5. Embrace the Day (prod. Prefuse 73)

6. MF Doom ft. Creature – Open Mic Night pt. 2 (prod. Heat Sensor)

7. Sucka Games ft. Just-Ice (prod. Dave Baxtor)

8. Triflicts – Don’t Make Me Try (prod. The Beatnuts)

9. X-ecutioners ft. Creature – The Cypher

10. Deejay Irie – Creature/the Preacherman

11. Creature – Streetwise Part 1 (prod. Romello)

12. Coup de Jour ft. Vordul Mega (prod. Bond)

13. Don’t Make Me Angry

14. Fiance Of Death ft. Prop Anon and Vast Aire (prod. Robin Hood)

15. Under the Lights ft. Sinnagi (prod. Reno)

16. Learn 2 Swim ft. Rob Sonic (prod.Mike Ladd)

17. Ready 2 Explode (prod. Preservation)

18. Infesticons ft. Creature – Gonna Anthem (prod. Mike Ladd)

19. Infesticons ft. Creature – Bombs Anthem (Kraddy Remix)

20. What Inspires Creature Skit

21. Get Up n Go (prod. Core Rhythm)

22. Tomorrow’s Alive (prod. Fred Ones)

23. Better Man ft. Slug (prod. Fred ones)

24. Life is Good ft. John Sinclair (prod. Steve “Fly” Pratt)

25. Shine No Shoes (prod. Fred Ones)

26. I’m a Nigger Man Skit

27. Rebelmatic – The Edge (prod. Core Rhythm)

28. Human Error (prod. Heat Sensor)

29. What U Know Bout Me ft. Jin (prod. Skila)

30. Late Night Photos (prod. Prefuse 73)

31. Our National Anthem (prod. Fred Ones)

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