Yellowman, Dancehall Legend…


The word legend is sometimes thrown around too loosely nowadays in the music industry. The endeavor of “paying your dues” seems to have taken the backseat for YouTube views and FB likes. Very few artists can say they have dropped 30 plus albums and have had their music sampled by a league of other artist. One artist does come to mind though and that is the legendary, Yellowman. Born in Jamaica and raised in an orphanage, Yellowman is the epitome of the phrase “paying your dues”. He officially jumped on to the dancehall scene in the early 80’s and constructed some of the most notable and enduring jams in the genre! Titles like the infectious, “Zungguzungguguzungguzeng”, “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt”, “Yellowman Getting Married”, “Ram Jam Master” and so many more will be found on the newly released, Yellowman: Young, Gifted & Yellow Reggae Anthology on the VP Records imprint. I was able to break bread with Yellowman from his home in Jamaica and speak on this release and other tings! Check it out…

Good day sir, thank you for taking your time to do this feature and much respect to you and all you have done for reggae music. How do you feel about this anthology?
Respect, I feel good about it, because it’s good that somebody could pull these songs together from a very strong archive for me. It’s another milestone you know!

Yes sir, it is a great anthology, an anthology that should be kept in any music library!
Nuff respect to all the fans! First of all none but God almighty and then the fans could make this work! They are the ones that make this work and thanks to VP Records!

Do you plan on doing any touring come soon?
I just got back from a tour in England; I have a tour coming up this summer in the US. In October back to Europe, everything going-going. Bless!

How do you feel about the current scene in reggae and dancehall music?
I’ll be honest with you, I’m not happy with the music coming out of reggae and dancehall now. The content especially you know. Reggae music is supposed to be a mindset, a message type of music. Which I don’t see coming out of it now. You have very few, you can count them with your finger. Like Christopher Martin, you got Chronixx, Busy Signal, Romain Virgo those young guys they try to do something good you know. Other than that I don’t see anything good coming out apart from those guys. Reggae is not peaceful anymore, too much people in it for money alone, no love for the music. They’re not preserving the people, the fans!

In the 80’s and 90’s a lot of hip-hop artists used your music in theirs. Did any of them ever reach out to you and give respect?
Not all, only a few like Run-DMC, guys like LL Cool J, Dougie Fresh, Young MC, Tone Loc, P Diddy, AfrikaBambaataa those guys gave me respect. No love for the music again you know, it’s like you go to Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, or Burger King that’s how the music the music industry is now, a lot of corruption in the music.

What would say for you was the spark that made decide in having a life in music?
Well you see, I don’t do nothing else but music. This is what I am on the face of this earth for, music. Music is my life. I don’t do anything else but music, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t gamble, just music.

Being from the Caribbean, you ever consider doing a tune in Spanish?
For sure man, I have a big Spanish fan base, cause I do concerts in Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Santo Domingo, Panama, I’ve got a big Spanish fan base. When I go I do songs like “Guantanamera” yeah man, I would do one!

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